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Review: Blaser's R8 Carbon Success

Blaser has always set higher and higher standards in the firearm industry never ceasing to surprise us with their remarkable firearms. The renowned R8 series is now joined by yet

another that beats them all, the R8 Carbon Success. The Carbon Success includes everything a hunter will ever need in any terrain. The joining of carbon fiber in the pistol grip, fore-end and butt stock results in an amazing drop in weight allowing for an astoundingly high strength at an extremely low weight. The ergonomic one-piece stock is manufactured by hand and offers thermal stability due to the end-to-end orientation of the fibers. The surface of the carbon stock also offers a layer of UV protection against the harshest environmental conditions. Another amazing feature of the R8 is its straight pull action that eliminates unnecessary movement along with a shorter overall length with an ideal balance and weight distribution. In order to keep the overall length of the rifle shorter, the system also combines a detachable box magazine and trigger assembly into a single unit making everything efficient and easy to handle. To top it all off the barrel and the action is cold hammer forged for better accuracy. Overall, the Carbon Success is a true model of a never-before-seen combination reflects the best of both worlds as highly accurate hunting rifle.

At Somarriba, Inc. we are premium dealers with Blaser, having access to their entire inventory including the R8 series. We have several models of the R8's including the Carbon Success, the Black Edition, the Luxus, and several different styles of the Professional, all available in our e-Store!

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