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The Nighthawk/Korth Revolver Series: The Mongoose

Along with the famed German revolver manufacturer, Korth, Nighthawk Custom is bringing a new line of revolvers to us. One of three revolvers that are already being distributed, the Mongoose, is a 6 round, .357 Magnum revolver that combines the days when a revolver was a hand-built piece of functioning art and the robotic-driven, high-tech machining and polymer molding world of today to give us one of the best revolvers ever manufactured. Also, a solid gold bead front sight with an adjustable rear sight adds to the beauty of this revolver's ergonomically-based design. The Mongoose is truly a piece of art.

We are exclusive dealers with Nighthawk Custom and are glad to say that we have the Mongoose here on our online Gun Room and in our shop, so don't miss your chance to acquire this beauty.

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