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Rifle Review: The CZ 457 LRP - The Most Accurate .22 LR Rifle EVER!

CZ's 457 LRP, LRP standing for Long Range Precision, has introduced an ALL NEW look and feel to the acclaimed 457 series.

Thankfully, it's not just a looker, but easily one of the most accurate .22 LR rifles ever made! Built for the shooters who strive to exploit the every bit of accuracy potential in mind, CZ has tuned the LRP enable on target hits at extreme distances.


It comes equipped with a with a 20" thick-walled, fluted and cold-forged barrel paired with CZ's MATCH chamber that was originally exclusive to the 457 MTR. This truly incredibly accurate barrel is topped off with a threaded muzzle and muzzle brake making.

The LRP features a target style stock with a soft, rubber like touch to it and a prominent pistol grip which allows for a full and tactile grip while firing. The features don't end there, it also comes with an extended forend, textured grip surfaces, rear hook designed to cradle the shooter’s support hand, and a Picatinny rail underneath the stock for a bag rider or a monopod. It is also important to note all critical components of the stock are adjustable.

Seeing as how it was built with long range shooting in mind, the LRP is topped of with a 25 MOA Weaver-style rail and built-in inclination that enables sighting in at longer distances.

As expected the LRP comes with all the standard 457 features including:

  • Positive safety

  • seperate bolt removel control

  • Firing mechanism indicator

  • Adjustable trigger mechnaism

  • Faster internal movements and smaller shocks while firing

  • 60° rotation of the bolt handle

  • Cold forged barrel


  • Overall Length: 1010mm

  • Barrel Length: 525mm

  • Weight: 3.8kg

  • Caliber: .22 LR

  • Magazine Capacity: 5

  • Trigger: Adjustable

  • Cheekpiece: Adjustable

  • LOP: 351-382mm

  • Barrel: Forged

  • Thread: 1/2×20 UNF


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