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Rifle Review: CZ's 600 LUX - The Epitome Of Centerfire Accuracy!

Having been producing firearms famously known for their quality and accuracy, CZ is continuing to expand their lines into centerfire platforms and the results are tremendous.

The Lux model of CZ's latest 600 Series is a modernized classic European rifle which has kept the traditional refined lines and oil finished walnut. Not only is it a looker, but a precision tool that blows many of its competitors out of the water!


Right off the bat, you immediately notice the Lux pays homage to a long tradition of of European and Czechoslovakian gun makers and hunters with it's hogsback comb and its traditionally styled lines and checkering, but upon further inspection and handling reveals so much more.

The new comb's ergonomic design is optimized specifically for use with both optics and the fiber-optic equipped iron sights. That paired with both beautiful and practical fish scale checkering on the grip and fore-end complete the truly aesthetic look.

The Lux goes far beyond aesthetics, the cold hammer forged barrels, which are already known for their precision, are also threaded and allow for easy caliber conversion. It also comes outfitted with a vertical safety on the tang which is both silent and intuitive.

  • The 600 sports a new, patented trigger mechanism. A single-stage trigger comes as standard and allows the user to set four levels of trigger pull weight.

  • This series features a new, patented receiver with a nitride finish and allows for Remington 700-type bases and rings.

  • Changing between calibers based on receiver size is a simple process that can be done at home in a few minutes and a couple YouTube videos.

  • This series combines controlled-round feed and push-feed systems.

  • This series has a patented, ergonomic safety that allows for silent operation. It is located on top of the grip and behind the bolt. You push it down to disengage.

  • Magazine can function as both removeable or fixed.

  • Due to a three-lug or six-lug lockup of the bolt, the bolt handle rotates just 60 degrees.

  • The Lux is sub-MOA guaranteed.


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