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Revolver Review: The Korth Super Sport GTs w/ Performance Package - A True Connoisseur's Choice!

When it comes to revolvers, the Korth Super Sport GTS stands in a league of its own. Bringing a meticulous blend of engineering prowess and shooter feedback, it is evident that every inch of this firearm has been crafted with precision and passion.


What immediately captures attention is its impeccable design. Flaunting a 6-inch barrel, this .357 magnum marvel is constructed from the most refined billet steel, ensuring a blend of sturdiness and elegance. The four pre-set adjustments on the front sight, a unique feature, facilitates shooters to align for specific distances swiftly. This is further complemented by a fully adjustable rear sight, paving the way for pin-point accuracy.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the Super Sport GTS showcases groundbreaking functionalities. The roller trigger, a distinctive feature, promises an unparalleled trigger experience in both single and double action modes. The inclusion of the Lothar Walther cold-forged polygonal barrel accentuates the revolver's performance, ensuring accuracy. For those who value customization, the Picatinny rails are essential. Whether it's red-dot sights, lasers, or other tactical accessories, integration is seamless.

The icing on the cake? Those stunning finger-grooved Turkish Walnut grips that don't just enhance the firearm's look but also ensure a firm grasp.

However, the masterpiece doesn't end with the revolver alone. The Super Sport GTS is paired with a comprehensive Performance Kit designed to elevate the shooting experience. This kit embodies adaptability, with two weight bars - one in steel and another in aluminum. Such customization allows shooters to tweak the revolver's performance, catering to individual preferences. The compensator set is a thoughtful addition, drastically minimizing muzzle rise.

Again, the Super Sport GTS values those who value customization and as such have included extra front sights, fiber optic and gold bead, which allows for easy interchangeability. Not to forget, the .357 Magnum speedloader ensures that reloads are swift and hassle-free.

In conclusion, the Korth Super Sport GTS isn't just a revolver, it is a testament to the possibilities of blending tradition with innovation. A true connoisseur's choice.


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