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Revolver Review: Korth's Vintage - A Truly Mesmerizing Revolver!

We've been over this time and time again at Somarriba, Inc., when it comes to revolvers there is no better than Korth. Their internal system is unlike any other and when your functionality is at such a high level you begin to perfect your aesthetics and that is exactly what Korth has done with the Vintage.


Just to go over the basics of the functionality before diving into the outstanding aesthetics of the Vintage, like all other Korth revolvers, the Vintage is based on Korth's proprietary ball bearing system. Put simply, while double action firing, there is ZERO take-up, grittiness, or pull-back of any kind. This level of smoothness is truly unparalleled. Not only that, but thanks to Korth's proprietary ejection system that utilizes a special extractor with claws that extend from the extractor star to hook the rim of the cartridge case when the ejector rod is pressed, moon clips are no longer necessary.

Now specifically for the Vintage and Heritage models, Korth has teamed up with the legendary Doug Turnbull for the beautiful color case-hardening that is the flagship feature of the Heritage. The Heritage sports a polished, blued barrel and cylinder with a full-length underlug and a large combat-style Turkish walnut grip. More features include, an 18-karat gold bead front sight, a ventilated top rib, a fully adjustable rear sight and a skeletonized hammer.

Topping it all off we have a polished, custom tuned double- and single-action trigger that makes for literally the smoothest, most accurate revolver shooting in the world.

It's important to note that the Heritage is machined and built from the highest quality billet steel. They are meant to be shot and used although they are generational heirloom pieces.


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