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Revolver Review: Colt's King Cobra Target - The Perfect Blend!

Ever since the revival of Colt in the wheelgun market with the new King Cobra, we have all been eagerly anticipating the release of a large frame King Cobra rather than the snub-nose versions Colt released first. Our patience has paid off and Colt did not disappoint with the King Cobra Target!

The King Cobra Target is the ultimate blend of what it means to be both a practical EDC firearm and an excellent range gun for competitive shooting all for modest pricing.


Diving right into it, the King Cobra Target features a 4.25" barrel which is outfitted with a fixed elevated fiber optic front sight and a fully adjustable rear allowing for precise sighting with loads ranging from 125 to 180 grains which is common in the .357 Mag. range.

What's truly attractive about this intermediate 4.25" barrel size is that it gives the shooter the option to easily carry it has a sidearm. should they choose, while also taking it for competitive shooting as the "Target" name suggests. Another neat little feature of the King Cobra Target is it's recessed crown which goes to increase accuracy and offers protection to the rifling should you ever drop the revolver.

Now what really distinguishes the King Cobra Target from the rest? The handling is feels so natural, it is as if it's an extension of your own hand with grips that aren't too big you can't get a decent grip and not too small that recoil makes it slip out of your hand, but just perfectly filling all the empty spaces it should. That paired with it's excellent trigger with crisp timing, the results at the range are tremendous.

Colt didn't stop there, not only does it feel superb, but it looks absolutely tremendous. Being forged completely out of American Stainless Steel and having experienced smiths get the job done right, the King Cobra Target appears as a single piece of attractive stainless with all the seams joined flawlessly and zero marks that may obscure it. Topping it all off, Colt outfitted it with their Altamont Wood Medallion Grips.


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