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Pistol Review: Springfield Armory's SA-35 - Rediscovering a Classic!

The Springfield Armory SA-35 is not just a firearm, it is a revival of the legendary Browning Hi-Power, reimagined with modern craftsmanship. This model pays homage to the classic design with several functional upgrades, making it a phenomenal choice for both collectors and practical users.


At its core, the SA-35 is a single-action, semi-automatic handgun, chambered in 9mm with a capacity of 15+1 rounds. The firearm boasts a 4.6-inch hammer-forged, stainless steel barrel, and a robust all-steel frame and slide with a matte blue finish. The design incorporates checkered hardwood grips which provide a secure hold while adding a touch of elegance to the overall aesthetic.

Springfield kept the shooter in mind when outfitting the SA-35 with several key features including an improved white-dot front sight and a drift-adjustable rear sight, ensuring better target acquisition. The pistol's manual thumb safety and the beveled magazine well are designed for quick engagement and efficient reloading, addressing practical concerns about speed and safety in critical situations​.

The SA-35 is particularly noted for its reliability and smooth handling. It performs exceptionally well in various shooting conditions, demonstrating great accuracy and versatility. The absence of a magazine disconnect safety contributes to a smoother trigger pull, enhancing the shooting experience. This model maintains the legendary reliability of the original Hi-Power, making it suitable for both recreational shooting and self-defense​​.

Not only that, but Springfield Armory has taken the SA-35 to a new level with the GEAR UP Package. This includes three additional magazines along with a range bag, providing significant value and convenience for new owners.

Overall, the Springfield Armory SA-35 merges the best of historical design with contemporary enhancements, offering a sophisticated yet practical firearm that respects its heritage while embracing modern needs. Whether for shooting sports, personal defense, or simply as a collector's item, the SA-35 stands out as a remarkable and accessible option in today's market.


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