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Pistol Review: P99 AS Final Edition - A Testament To Timeless Design!

The Walther P99 is an iconic semi-automatic pistol, revered for its unique design, exceptional functionality, and reliable performance. Since its inception in the 1990s, the P99 has attracted a wide array of firearm enthusiasts, police departments, and military forces worldwide.

The ‘AS’ variant, one of the most popular versions, offers an exceptional Anti-Stress trigger system, a flagship feature setting it apart in the sea of service pistols.


Introduced by the renowned German company, Walther, the P99 AS is the embodiment of precision, comfort, and safety. The handgun's design is a true blend of traditional craftsmanship and innovative engineering. The P99 AS features a polymer frame, offering durability while maintaining a lightweight form factor. The ergonomic grip provides a perfect hold, making it suitable for long periods of use without causing discomfort.

The distinguishing characteristic of the P99 AS, however, lies in its unique Anti-Stress (AS) trigger system. It operates in both Single Action (SA) and Double Action (DA) modes, providing users with a versatile shooting experience. This system is characterized by a long, smooth pull for the first shot (DA), followed by a short, crisp pull for follow-up shots (SA). Additionally, it has a decocking button, allowing users to safely transition the pistol back to DA mode.

In terms of accuracy and reliability, Walther did not cut any corners. The firearm's superior design and construction provides consistent precision, shot after shot. With its ambidextrous magazine release and modular backstrap design, this pistol caters to both left and right-handed shooters, and it can be customized to fit various hand sizes.

Now for the P99 AS Final Edition. Released as a celebratory model, this edition captures the essence of the P99 series, while also incorporating refined features and improvements. It boasts of a sophisticated Tenifer-coated slide and barrel, which increases resistance to corrosion and wear, further enhancing its longevity.

The Final Edition maintains the celebrated AS trigger system while taking it to a new level with yet with a notably smoother pull, further refining the shooting experience. Its Cerakote-coated frame provides an additional layer of durability while adding an aesthetic appeal to the firearm.

The Walther P99 AS and its Final Edition epitomize the perfect blend of practicality, performance, and elegance. The continued popularity of this firearm is a testament to its timeless design, reliability, and the successful implementation of innovative features.


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