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Pistol Review: Nighthawk Custom's Delegate - Elegant & Sleek!

The big brother to the extremely popular Counselor, the Delegate is the second installment of the Ambassador Line! Going from a Officer to Commander model, the Delegate keeps the same exquisite lines and look of the Counselor while offering a larger grip, more caliber options and higher magazine capacity.


Offered in both 9mm and .45 ACP, the Delegate sports a 4.25” barrel and commander frame. Its skeleton is based upon a high-quality US full steel frame that utilizes a stainless-steel mainspring housing and grip safety.

The unique look of the Delegate can be accredited to it's "positive" serrations. To give a reference, a majority of pistol slides have "negative" serrations which means material has been machined away from the slide to create slots, whereas the Delegate sports "positive" serrations. Not only does it provide this aesthetic new look, but also provides excellent grip.

Now what further distinguishes the Delegate and puts it in yet a higher class of 1911 is Nighthawk's Flush-Fit Magwell which allows the same overall length of a standard commander frame, but with the magwell included.

The Delegate is completed with a hand crowned bull barrel, bull nose, and black nitride finish. Topping it all of, the Delegate is outfitted with the G10 Scales grip, which Nighthawk says were custom engineered with Railscales for this pistol and "are thinner than the thinnest 1911 grips available on the market."


  • Forged Commander Frame

  • Match Grade 9mm/.45ACP Bull Barrel

  • Ambassador Front and Rear Cocking Serrations

  • Patented Flush-Fit Magwell

  • Black Nitride Finish

  • Heinie Tritium Ledge Single Dot Rear Sight

  • Tritium Front Sight

  • Railscales G10 Grips

  • Crowned Flush-Cut Barrel

  • Ultra Hi-Cut Front Strap


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