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Pistol Review: Dan Wesson Kodiak Black - A Reliable Handgun That Packs A Punch!

The Dan Wesson 1911 Kodiak Black is a classic, reliable gun that is sure to please any enthusiast. This semi-automatic pistol has all the features of a high-end 1911 with the added bonus of being able to fire the powerful 10mm round. The overall design of this handgun is excellent, with its matte black finish, slide serrations, and adjustable rear sight all contributing to its sleek, modern look.


The frame of the gun is made from stainless steel and features a chain link pattern on both sides. This gives it a unique appearance while also providing additional grip and texture. The trigger guard is slightly enlarged for those with larger hands and allows for more comfortable use when shooting. Additionally, the beavertail safety on the back prevents accidental firing while still allowing fast draw times.

When it comes to accuracy, the Kodiak Black delivers results every time. The 6” barrel provides excellent stability and balance for steady aim during target practice or hunting trips. It also incorporates a match grade bushing system that works to reduce muzzle flip and keep shots on target at longer distances. Additionally, this 1911 comes with adjustable rear sights that can be adjusted for both windage and elevation to maximize accuracy in any environment.

The quality of this firearm is undeniable thanks to its durability and reliability under extreme conditions. Its stainless steel construction makes it rust resistant which ensures long-term performance even if exposed to moisture or humidity. Plus, it features a metal reinforced polymer frame that helps increase overall strength without adding excess weight or bulkiness which makes it ideal for concealed carry situations where size and maneuverability are key factors.

This particular model includes an 8-round magazine but you can purchase extended magazines if needed as well as other accessories such as holsters or flashlight attachments. All things considered, the Dan Wesson 1911 Kodiak Black 10mm is an outstanding choice for anyone looking for a reliable handgun that packs a punch! Whether you’re looking for something to shoot targets with or an everyday carry weapon, this gun will get the job done every time!


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