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NEW IN STOCK: Korth's Classic High Polished Blue - A Truly Captivating Aesthetic!

Just when we thought Korth has begun to reach their full potential, they surprise us again showing they still have plenty left in the tank. Their newest surprise, the Korth Classic in an all new High Polished Blue.

With this truly exquisite finish, Korth has shown they are levels ahead in the revolver industry when it comes to versatility, functionality and overall performance.


Starting off with the functionality, the Classic sports the smooth action of Korth’s patented roller bearing trigger system which is the undisputed best revolver trigger system in the world. After shooting any Korth, even the most experienced revolver shooter is left with the lasting perfection of the Korth system.

As expected, the frame and all parts are fully machined and handcrafted from the finest billet steel available. What immediately catches the eye with this Classic model, is the absolutely gorgeous High Polished Blue DLC Gloss Finish that reflects such perfect shades of purple and other vibrant colors. Truly, the pictures do not do this revolver justice. Topping it all off, the trigger face, along with all the other controls, are also high polished and coated in a Gold TiN.


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