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IN STOCK: Korth's ALIEN Super Sport - Exclusive Run of 43

When it comes to precision shooting in the revolver world, the Super Sport is the ultimate piece that gets the job done. No failures, spot-on performance, best trigger in the game and it can be employed in any sort of competitive shooting.

As master dealers with Nighthawk Custom/Korth, we have received one of the exclusive run of the ALIEN Super Sport!


Before getting into what differentiates the ALIEN from the regular run model lets la y out all the standard features of the Super Sport that makes it one of the best revolvers in the world.

The Super Sport is a 6" .357 magnum revolver designed for competitive shooting. The entire revolver machined and hand finished from fully machined parts cut from the finest billet steel available. As for the sights, there are there are four pre-set adjustments on the front sight, which allow you the ability to set it for predetermined distances. The revolver also features a fully adjustable rear sight.

Now when it comes to any Korth revolver, the feature that will easily have the most lasting impact on you is Korth's patented roller trigger which yields an unmatched trigger feel in either single or double action. Warning after shooting any Korth, there is no going back even for the most experienced revolver shooter. A Lothar Walther cold-forged polygon barrel is used for both extreme accuracy and performance. Topping it all of, the Super Sport is outfitted with Picatinny rails for red-dot sights, lasers, or other accessories that you desire.

As for the ALIEN, Korth has outfitted it with a green battle worn ceraktote coating on the shroud along with a unique green, black laminate grip. Additionally, it comes with a fitted and tuned 9mm caliber cylinder offering the user a seamless transition between .357 magnum and 9mm.


Browse our collection of Nighthawk/Korth's most exclusive.


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