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IN STOCK: Korth Classic - A Legendary Revolver!

The Korth Classic is an exquisite and scarce revolver, the pinnacle of the ultimate firearm fantasy.


Expertly assembled by Germany’s elite gunsmiths, the Classic is a revolver that harkens back to an era when firearms were a harmonious blend of utility and artistic craftsmanship.

Every component, including the frame, is meticulously machined and hand-forged from the highest quality billet steel obtainable. The piece de resistance of the Classic is undoubtedly its unique, high polished Black DLC Gloss Finish, captivating the observer immediately. The elegance is further accentuated by the gold TiN-coated, high-polished trigger face and other controls.

Regarding performance, the Classic is equipped with Korth’s groundbreaking roller bearing trigger system, widely recognized as the premier trigger system for revolvers globally. This system leaves even the most seasoned revolver aficionados with a lasting impression of Korth’s impeccable mechanism after firing.

Moreover, the Classic is chambered in .44 Magnum, renowned for its exceptional stopping power and versatility, allowing users to engage in both hunting and self-defense effectively. This caliber’s benefits enhance the allure of owning such a beautifully crafted and high-performing firearm, creating a symbiotic blend of form and function.

Topping it all off, this piece comes with Elforyn synthetic ivory grips and when put into contrast with the beautiful matte black DLC, it makes for a truly gorgeous piece.


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