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Rifle Review: Tikka's T3x TAC A1 - A Nail Driver

With long-range shooting becoming more and more popular, Tikka has produced a rifle that meets the strictest quality requirements for unrivaled long range accuracy, all at an affordable price range.

With best-in-class value for every long-range shooters, the new T3x TAC A1 is the ultimate tool for long range accuracy.


Accuracy at long range requires consistency, so rifles dedicated to this pursuit must have actions seated rigidly in either a stock or a chassis. Often this means glass bedding in a composite stock, however Tikka outfitted their TAC A1 with a chassis made from aluminum so it doesn’t crush or flex under recoil or when the owner tightens the action screws.

Bolting the action into a full-­length section of aluminum makes for a very stable foundation. While shooting at long-ranges, consistency is guaranteed with no action movement from shot to shot. Tikka's TAC A1 chassis is the embodiment of superb engineering. As a result, Tikka enjoys the advantage of having a completely unique and effective chassis.

The chassis also incorporates a folding stock machined from aluminum with an adjustable Kydex comb. Pressing the small button just behind the action’s tang allows the stock to fold. This allows the shooter to remove the bolt without moving the cheekrest, but the real advantage is in portability and storage.

The TAC A1's magazine features a center-feed, double-stack model. Tikka's engineers modeled a magazine with a shorter overall height, but houses the same standard ten rounds, allowing for a snug fit in the chassis.

The Tikka T3x features a unique two-lug bolt with a 70-degree bolt open. This allows for easy scope installation and fast cycling.

In addition to a superb action design is an accurate, long-lasting barrel. Tikka's, SAKO-produced, hammer-forged barrels have proven themselves to be exceptionally accurate. We have sighted-in numerous Tikka T3x rifles for an array of client and the results were always the same, 3/4" or less at a 100 yards using good-quality factory ammunition.

Other Features:

  • Trigger -

  • * Double stage trigger

  • * Adjustable weight of pull

  • Fore-End -

  • * Interchangeable fore-end interface

  • * 13.5” M-LOK fore-end

  • * QD fore-end mounting

  • * Rigid fore-end with optimal wall thickness to prevent bending

  • Modular Chassis -

  • * AR stock interface

  • * AR pistol grip interface

  • * AR fore-end interface

  • * Full aluminum bedding

  • * Tikka T3x stock interface


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