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Limited Edition: The Redesigned Nighthawk-Korth Sky Marshal

This modified Sky Marshal is a limited edition compact 9mm revolver model that was custom designed by a Special European Police Unit that investigates organized crime in Europe. There was a production overrun at Korth and the remaining seventy-seven revolvers were shipped to Nighthawk for sale in the United States. This model was never sold in the European Civilian Market.

At Somarriba, Inc., we house house a limited number of Sky Marshal's for sale.


This baby revolver incorporates the fine quality of both Korth and Nighthawk. Like the Sky Hawk, the Sky Marshal requires no moon clips due to its proprietary ejection system. Korth's ejection system functions beautifully. First, each round sits in a fully machined chamber. Then the ejector features six retracting fingers, one for each chamber. As the ejection rod is depressed, the fingers extend to engage the rim of the cartridge.

Internally, it features a Korth action with many innovative aspects. The action features a roller on the trigger that comes into play when the pistol is fired in double action. The roller engages and rides on the hammer tongue resulting in a very smooth action. Another internal design feature includes an adjustable trigger return spring that can be tuned with a tensioner without compromising reliability.

Like all Korth Revolvers, these Sky Marshals are built with fully machined parts and assembled by a single gunsmith from start to finish. This pistol is not only exclusive, it is also very limited and has a unique history.

All parts and frame are machined from high-quality billet steel and aluminum. All together they function like a fine Swiss watch. The trigger is high polished and the action is like no other compact revolver due to the high level of engineering during the machining and assembly process. Durability and accuracy is unmatched as it should be in a revolver of this stature. The aluminum frame is finished in Hard Coated Black while the steel cylinder is coated with a DLC finish.

This special version of the Sky Marshal was ordered without the standard rail and with a special

side plate that encloses the hammer for better concealed carry. The Special Task Force wanted the ability to shoot in single action if necessary, but also to partially conceal the hammer. Korth also included an integrated clip for easy conceal carry while out in the field.

In addition, a Hogue Monogrip with finger grooves is installed for good control, better traction, and helps contain recoil. The final touch, all the edges have been softened. All in all, the Sky Marshal makes for an excellent everyday carry revolver.


As premium dealers with Nighthawk Custom we carry many of their limited-run handguns including the limited-run Sky Marshals. We have the Sky Marshal's available for purchase through

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