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Rifle Review: The Tikka T3x Sporter

Tikka has developed this ultimate target rifle in conjunction with the Finnish Hunting and Sporting Association. This rifle is built to be capable of performing at the highest level of competition while simultaneously functioning as a hunting rifle.


Standard with all Tikka T3 rifles, the Sporter features incredible accuracy and precision especially in long range situations.


While developing the T3x Sporter, Tikka opted to choose laminated wood over the standard walnut wood. The laminated wood allows to the stock to not flex nearly as much due to weather and other factors such as moisture. The various layers of laminate stiffen the wood in a way a traditional walnut stock cannot achieve.

In line with many other competition rifles, the T3x Sporter is outfitted with an adjustable cheek-piece and recoil-pad. The adjustable cheek-piece allows for optimal scope alignment and can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally. The recoil pad is vertically adjustable and may be extended with optional spacers for an improved shooting posture.

The cheek piece also sports an integrated memory feature. It allows the shooter to lock the cheek piece to a certain height and position. If the cheek piece is removed and replaced, the position is memorized.

When handling the T3x Sporter, the ergonomic design of the stock and pistol grip are evident. The vertical style pistol grip is very nicely contoured to allow for a very comfortable fit for the shooting hand while allowing the shooter to place their trigger finger in an excellent position to get a properly aligned trigger squeeze.

Speaking of the trigger, Tikka outfitted the Sporter with a tactical style trigger that we measured to have an approximately 2.25 lbs trigger pull. For both hunting and competition shooting the trigger is phenomenal and breaks crisply with no creep or overtravel.

Much like its Sako TRG cousin, the stock is bulky through the action area with a wide platform and continues to front of the trigger area where the detachable box magazine fits up into the action. As is visible in the pictures, the magazine fits completely up into the stock and is even recessed a bit. This provides protection for the magazine and prevents it from protruding below the rifle and getting snagged or bumped on anything

The stock nicely curves up in front of the magazine well and blends into a flat and wide forearm area that provides a stable and solid shooting platform when shooting from a fixed rest such as sandbags. The bottom side of the forearm is integrated with an accessory rail that allows for all of the traditional adapters to be used for sling studs, bipod mounts and even picatinny rails.

On the left hand side of the forearm is another smaller accessory rail that can be used for a sling swivel or other small gadgets. The forearm also has some ventilation slots cut into it to help aid with barrel cooling.

Of course, as you might imagine on a target rifle, the barrel is free floated all the way back to the receiver.


We are proud to say we are premium dealers with Tikka along with SAKO and Beretta. We house an extensive collection of Tikka, SAKO, and Beretta for culmination of over ninety of their models. The T3x Sporter is available in multiple calibers and a left-hand option.

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