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Shotgun Review: The Caesar Guerini Forum Field

Caesar Guerini over/under shotguns have always been well-designed, beautifully embellished, innovative, comfortable to shoot and durable. The Forum Field is no exception.

Even the most sophisticated CNC machines cannot match the exceptional skill of the best craftsmen and gunsmiths when it comes to creating an investment-quality field shotgun such as the Forum. Each Forum Field is the result of numerous hours of hand labor by artisans with a passion for precision, premium quality and attention to the smallest details.


The Forum was designed with the sporting field in mind. It's well-balanced design allows for incredible smooth shooting that you would expect from any Caesar Guerini.

In fact, it shoots so smoothly that many clients have made it their primary shotgun for both clay and feather. In all cases, the Forum is a shotgun that performs.


The Caesar Guerini Forum is an exquisite gun to look at, both in form and finish. At a quick glance the extent and quality of engraving and the beautiful wood immediately stand out. Every surface—even those hidden from view—is hand polished, and all components are hand-fitted to ensure flawless operation.

The engraving on the Forum has been enhanced to include more coverage and detail. Each sideplate plays host to a game scene and virtually no part of the action goes untouched by lovely foliate scroll engraving. The work is a combination of laser, roll and hand finishing, carried out by world-leading mechanical engraver Bottega C. Giovanelli. The high-quality of Italian craftsmanship is evident.

The Forum features Guerini's revolutionary new full-length trigger guard. This unique design uses no screws, resulting in a clean, seamless look, and the guard terminates in a perfectly fitted skeletal grip cap for an elegant flair. The Forum’s stock sports a classic Prince of Wales grip, which matches perfectly with our trim, rounded fore-end, giving the gun distinctive British lines. To complete the package, the stock features exactingly cut, extra-fine checkering, a checkered butt plate and a hand-rubbed oil finish.

The Forum at 20 GA is outfitted with 28" monoblock barrels and fitted with multichokes: a set of five are provided with the gun. The Forum also features a solid middle rib and on top a tapered solid rib with silver sight bead.


The perfect apparel for while out in the field is Guerini's ALL-NEW Shooting Vest's. Available for purchase at Somarriba, Inc., it pairs perfectly with any shotgun and provides all the convenience and elegance in apparel you need.


As Caesar Guerini Elite Dealers, we have access to all their limited and premium firearms including the Forum Field and the Invictus VII.

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