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Shotgun Review: The Blaser F16

One of our top recommendation for any field/competition shotgun, without a doubt, is the Blaser F16. The F16 encompasses everything you would expect from a fine German firearm. Especially when it comes to Blaser you can expect innovative and reliable designs in high-quality firearms and that is exactly what they delivered with the F16.

The F16 follows the design of the traditional F3 as a shotgun that performs exceptionally well, but at a much more affordable price.


One of the main focus points of the F16 is it's versatility. It easily adapts between hunting quails and shooting clays.

It's low-profile frame and barrel makes handling a breeze and grants it a natural pointability that is very hard to find. Quite frankly, the F16 was designed with competition in mind, but can be used for any shotgun activity and performs beautifully in all of them.

The bottom line is the F16 is a very fine German shotgun for a very affordable price.

Here's a beautiful up-close look at the F16 straight from Blaser USA:


Blaser has demonstrated the ability of reinventing how traditional firearms work using innovative and ingenious designs. They have done so with the F3 over-under shotgun and R8 straight-pull bolt-action rifle, both of which present highly original ways to perform routine tasks, with innovations designed to make firearms easier, faster, and safer to shoot.

Going into the action, Blaser has design the F16 with a very slim, low-profile action which have proven to provide exceptional center of gravity and a very fast point of aim, balance being the number onw advantage. Taken from the F3, the F16 utilizes the Ejection Ball System (EBS), which cocks the ejectors when a shot is fired, then releases the tension as the hulls are jettisoned. As a result, ejection is more consistent and less wear to the parts involved in the mechanism.

For further ease of maintenance, all lock parts are mounted on the lockplate and the firing pins are mounted on the breechblock, which are both easily accessible.

Now into the trigger, the F16 generally breaks at a consistent 3lbs 14oz. Blaser utilizes their proprietary Inertia Block System in the trigger mechanism that prevents the shotgun from doubling or fan-fires. Befitting of a gun designed first and foremost for competition, the F16 manual safety is a sliding latch located on the tang of the shotgun and is non-automatic.

Also located under within the triggerguard is the barrel selector switch which is labeled on each side to identify which barrel is selected.


As a long-time dealer with Blaser, we house a considerable selection of Blaser rifles and shotguns, including the F16. We invite you to see our Blaser collection online or visit our store location to handle your favorite Blaser Firearm. Our sales personnel will be able to assist you in choosing the right gun for you.

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