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Somarriba Range Notes: R8 Individual

At Somarriba, Inc., we take pride in delivering the best possible firearm configuration to our clients based on their needs. In this unique case, our entire assortment consisted of premium Blaser products that performed phenomenally.


The package consisted on three central components:

Each component works with each other seamlessly to function as one overall system, instead of three individual parts. This is a critical factor in the performance of any firearm setup. The ability of the firearm to function with its optical components are integral to performance, accuracy, and precision.


The overall configuration is very intuitive and adaptable to many hunting situations. It was originally put together with long range hunting in mind. Elk, moose, and antelope were the ideal targets in mind.

After testing and deliberation our Jose Somarriba settled on Barnes VOR-TX - 180 Grain as the ideal ammunition for the job. It performed deadly accurate when tested at the range. The overall setup worked like a fine-tuned machine with each component completing it's respective task.

When it came to the accuracy of the R8 Individual, the results were amazing:

  • 100 Yards: 0.8" Groups

  • 200 Yards: 1.2" Groups

In regard to the optical performance, the clarity was superb. The Infinity provides ideal control in a hunting situation that calls for a long shot as the parallax is easily dialed and the zero stop elevation turret adjusts for different range conditions.


The Blaser R8 SUCCESS is one of our bestselling rifles of all-time. The accuracy and precision of this Blaser rifle is known throughout the firearm industry. Versatility is one of the most important features our customers emphasize when considering a new rifle and nothing comes closer to the definition of versatility as the R8 model.

Here is some background information on the R8 SUCCESS:

The R8 is based on an incredibly simple and modular system that allows for easy take-down, cleaning, and increases overall reliability. Like the R93, another renowned Blaser rifle, the R8 operates on a straight-pull bolt action.

It features hammer-forged barrels and actions to ensure that the chamber dimensions and alignment with the bore are precise, boosting accuracy monumentally. The system allows for changing barrels without any adverse effect on accuracy.

We have field tested the R8 countless times in all configurations over several years and the results are consistent. Less than 3/4" groups at a 100 yards is the norm. The R8 embodies superb accuracy, precision, and reliability.


The complete optic setup consists on the Blaser Infinity 4-20x58 and the Blaser QD Saddle Mount. They fit together exceptionally well, especially since they are both designed with practicality in the hunting situation in mind.

While testing the Infinity the ingenuity of the design was reflected. The elevation adjustment is extremely intuitive and can be done in shooting position with the twist of your hand. Another very attractive feature is the integrated zero stop mechanism which is very convenient in the hunting scenario.

Some more technical background information:

One of the many unique features of the Infinity is that it utilizes a reticle in the first focal plane which does have it's many advantages. It allows shooters to efficiently utilize reticle subtensions for target distance estimations. This eliminates the need for complex methods and allows you to easily estimate range. The Infinity is devised in such a way that even with the reticles in the first focal plane, the distance between the reticle bars in relation to the target size remains constant with any magnification you choose. In other words, your riflescope becomes a tool that can be used to estimate the shooting distance almost instantaneously.

After extensive research and testing, the Infinity has proven to become a serious competitor against op contenders in the telescope industry .

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