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Rifle Review: The Christensen Arms Mesa!

For almost every hunter out there, it is a challenge to find a premium, lightweight rifle that shoots accurately and for a good price. I'm here to tell you your challenge is over. The Christensen Arms Mesa incorporates every feature needed in making the perfect shot all while maintaining versatility and efficiency.


At first look, the Mesa is just another sexy rifle, but looks do not determine performance. After testing dozens of Mesa's in various calibers at the range we are convinced that the Mesa is not only a very aesthetically appealing rifle, but a phenomenal firearm that delivers impeccable performance.

We have personally tested the Mesa countless times and we can say without a doubt that the accuracy and precision of the Mesa is flawless at medium/long ranges, resulting in 1" groups or less. Shooting it is a pleasure in every aspect. The muzzle brake reduces recoil dramatically and the trigger is crisp and light.

However, don't just take my word for it. The Mesa is a bestseller at Somarriba, Inc., for all sorts of hunting expeditions no matter the terrain. As hunting outfitters, we also recommend scopes, having sighted in countless Mesa's for many clients. The feedback is always a variation of the same, "Spot-on shots", "Performed beautifully", or "Take a look at the deer I got with of the Mesa".


When it comes to hunting, the Mesa is extremely versatile. No matter the terrain whether it be tundra, desert, or mountains, the Mesa performs accurately all the same. Both the barrel and action are coated with a Tungsten or Burnt Bronze Cerakote Finish increasing durability in the hunting environment.

The Mesa is chambered in various calibers to suit different aspects of hunting. It comes in, 6.5 Creedmoor, 7mm-08 Rem, 7mm Rem Mag, .308 Win, .300 Win Mag, .450 Bushmaster, and .28 Nosler.

We recommend calibers, .300 Win & 7mm Rem Mag for bigger game such as elk and moose. Calibers, 6.5 Creedmoor and .308 Win, are best suited for light skin game such as deer and antelope.


Christensen Arms has been the leading manufacturers of lightweight rifle technology ever since their founding in 1995. However, in the early development stages, a carbon barreled rifle incorporated with such technology was over the budget for many sportsmen. Christensen saw the need for a top quality, accurate, lightweight hunting rifle that didn’t break the bank and then developed the solution, resulting in the Mesa.

The Mesa is designed with the Remington 700 as a model and as such many of the Mesa's features are based off of the Remington 700. However, these features are not simply copied and pasted onto the Mesa. Each and very single component has been evaluated and upgraded by the Christensen Arms engineers. At first look some of these upgrades are invisible, however a closer look reveals the ingenuity and craftsmanship that was put into this rifle.

The barrel is made with 416R Stainless Steel which is already corrosion resistant, but Christensen does not stop there. They then coat the barrel and the action with either a Tungsten or Burnt Bronze Cerakote Finish. This valuable feature mutes the luster of the stainless steel, while providing excellent scratch and corrosion protection. Not only do these finishes provide protection, but they are also very aesthetically appealing, especially when contrasted with the black and gray webbing stock.

The barrel features does not stop there. It comes ready with a removable seamless radial muzzle brake and a standard muzzle thread of ½ × 28. In addition, it comes with a thread cap for those who prefer it without a muzzle brake.

The barrel is also free floating allowing the Mesa to maintain accuracy no matter the temperature or other environmental factors. The barrel hand lapping also provides a variety of benefits including, improved geometrical and dimensional accuracy, improved surface finish, and much more.

Moving onto the action, it can be outfitted with Remington 700 bases making it compatible with a vast selection of scope mounts. We at Somarriba, Inc, recommend to pair all our Mesa rifle with Recknagel scope mounts. The receiver is also pre-drilled for scope mounting, making everything a breeze. The Mesa also incorporates an internal magazine with a four round capacity and a hinged floor plate, following the traditional Remington 700 design.

The composite stock features, "dual bedding pillars constructed from Invar, a nickel/iron alloy known for its uniquely low coefficient of thermal expansion. Unlike aluminum, Invar pillars do not expand or contract with temperature changes so you will not experience variances in bedding or accuracy." - Christensen Arms

The stock is also outfitted with a Limbsaver Recoil Pad that, along with the muzzle brake, further reduces recoil.

All these various components and features ensure Christensen Arms’ Sub-MOA Guarantee

Here's an up-close look at the Mesa:


We are proud to say we are Master Dealers with Christensen Arms! We house an extensive collection of their firearms including twelve variations of the Mesa. We also carry several different models in both rifles and pistols.

Tungsten Cerakote Finish

Burnt Bronze Cerakote Finish

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