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Shotgun Review: The Beretta A400 Xtreme

Competition shooting and upland hunting is the engine that drives the Beretta machine. Since their founding 500+ years ago, they have continued to produce high-quality firearms and the A400 Xtreme is no exception. The A400 Xtreme comes in many different configurations, but there is at least one aspect that stays the same, they are all built with the same advanced technology that ensures reliability.


At the heart of the A400 is the Blink gas-operated system, a true jewel of Beretta engineering. It has proven to cycle over 35% faster than other gas-operated systems. It utilizes a rotating bolt head lock-up and a new feeding system that is simply incomparable. It also features an innovative piston with elastic scraper band that also functions as a gasket. This way, Blink operates much cleaner and at a faster rate.

To truly understand how fast the A400 cycles take a look at this video:

Maintenance on a gas-operated shotgun has never been easier using the Blink system and it's self cleaning piston. Disassembling and reassembling is easy and quick unlike other gas-operated systems that can become a jigsaw puzzle without the proper expertise.

Beretta developed an innovative mechanism for breaking down the gun. It takes less than a quarter turn on the forend cap to release the forend and remove the barrel from the action. It’s quick, easy, and simple.

The A400 Xtreme features numerous recoil-reducing systems that effectively reduce recoil up to 70%. Utilizing the ergonomic Kick-Off Technology it not only dramatically reduces the recoil on your shoulder, but also gives you more stability, comfort and control for faster target acquisition.

When firing any shotgun there are several recoil peaks. Kick-Off is designed to effectively reduce the recoil at each specific peak. The first peak is directly produced by the firing of the shot then comes the second peak which is produced by the bolt hitting the receiver during the reload process.


The A400 is not a spectacular firearms just because it has the Beretta name branded on it. It is a fantastic shotgun because is takes the classic Italian firearm expertise and fuses it with new age technology to make a shotgun that exceeds expectations.

The reality of the big booming shotgun is that even though they are designed for 3 ½-inch shells, the bulk of what is fired through it are 2 ¾-inch shells. The Blink gas system has no problems at all operating with these light shells at the skeet range, cycling and ejecting hundreds of rounds without a single hang-up.

It can also handle a variety of different loads ranging from target-light to hard hitting. To facilitate such shooting, the A400's are equipped with OptimaBore technology which delivers uniform shot patterns.

Going back to the extraordinary Blink technology, this gas-operating system is exceptionally fast to the point that it can fire two shots in less than half a second, or four shots in less than one.

When it comes to the handling of the A400 Xtreme, it weighs a standard 7 pounds 11 ounces, but it shoulders and swings like a lighter gun. The trigger usually breaks at a consistent 5+ pounds. The combination of the Blink gas system, good trigger, and excellent ergonomics makes the A400 fast on the draw and a fully loaded magazine dry before your first empty hits the ground.

The high-quality workmanship on the internal components in the A400 is another big factor in its reliability and performance. The chromed rotating bolt head in the action moves slickly in and out of battery, and the precise fit of the pieces that make up the gas system show no evidence of binding or friction even when dirty.


At Somarriba, Inc., we house a A400 Xtreme Synthetic 12GA. However if you are looking for different configurations we are direct, full-line dealers with Beretta and would be happy to special order nay shotgun per your request.

A400 Xtreme Synthetic 12GA:

Somarriba's Beretta Collection:

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