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Optic Review: The Zeiss Victory RF Rangefinding Binocular

Finding and getting the right distance of your target is a critical part of long range shooting and with Zeiss' ALL-NEW Victory RF Rangefinder getting that distance is quick, accurate, and easy.

The Victory Rangefinder System is a laser rangefinder with an integrated real-time ballistics computer that ensures precisely placed shots up to a maximum range of 2,500 meters. The Victory RF helps speed up the process of ranging the right distance by dialing in the right information for your rifle and your ammo so you can make the shot when you need to make it. Every measurement takes physical and environmental factors into account guaranteeing the perfect shot!


The Victory RF binoculars feature a built-in infrared laser rangefinder that connects via Bluetooth to the Zeiss Hunting App for iOS and Android. The app has a built-in ballistic calculator that is pre-loaded with groups of selectable trajectory charts that can be set to match your bullets flight or you can enter in your own information for your load of choice. The Zeiss Hunting App takes the range data from the Victory RF binoculars and computes a firing solution that gives you the needed hold in clicks, MOA, Mil-Dot or inches/centimeters.

The Victory RF then utilizes laser technology to enable you to measure distances within a second. To be exact, in less then half a second upon releasing the one-touch measuring button you will see the exact distance to your target with reliability and precision.

The scan mode feature offers a high-precision interplay of state-of-the-art laser rangefinding technology along with high-performance optics. This means you can use a particularly narrow measuring field to measure small and moving targets, whether it be animals such as, a rabbit or fox, or passing birds, it will measure precisely and with repeat accuracy. It even delivers exact measurements in low-light condition like no other rangefinding binocular.


Right off the bat, you can see that the Victory RF has a very sleek, ergonomic design, made for easy operation out in the field. There are no oddly shaped barrels, over-sized housing or awkwardly positioned controls that make calculating distance complicated. Everything is designed for effortless rangefinding in any situation.

Unlike other rangefinders with a third laser eye, the Victory RF has a fully integrated laser system, which means it can always be adjusted with precision, even in the face of severe shaking. A big "plus" in the hunting environment is it's waterproof abilities in which it can be submerged four meters for two hours and still function perfectly.

The Victory RF's solid magnesium housing is extremely lightweight and durable. In case of a high-drop, it's shock-absorbing rubber armor will always keep it well protected meaning everything will stay in place and it will still deliver exact measurements. The waterproof and dustproof construction and the nitrogen filling guarantee reliable function and condensation-free inner workings even under extreme conditions. To be exact, it will still operate in -13°/+145.4° F.

The large button (Figure 1-A) that operates the rangefinder is comfortably placed close to the focusing wheel. The simple moving of a finger allows you to switch between precise focusing and the rangefinder. This exceptionally relaxed holding position means that your fingers don't get tired, even during lengthy measuring sessions.

The second SET button (Figure 1-B) allows you to choose between three different displays. You can decide whether you want the distance to be displayed in meters/centimeters or yards/inches. Additionally you can use the SET button to activate or deactivate the BIS (Ballistic Information System) and to select the ballistic program appropriate for the trajectory path.


The Zeiss Victory RF is one of the top performers in visual quality compared to many other popular models, utilizing their high-performance optics to ensure brilliant, bright and pin sharp images.

Zeiss incorporates fluoride glass and the Carl Zeiss T* multi-layer coating to enhance the razor-sharp detail, the color intensity and the image brightness, especially during low-light conditions. The Victory RF can produce tack-sharp images even beyond 1,400 yards and provides remarkable close-range performance. Another notable feature of the Victory RF is it exceptionally wider field of view than many other common models of rangefinder binoculars.

Enjoy fascinating image quality whatever the weather. Using LotuTec® coating on the lens and eyepiece water simply rolls off the lens as it does from a lotus leaf.


The Victory RF comes in four models to fit any of your needs. Models 8x42 and 10x42 are primarily made for daylight applications while 8x54 and 10x54 are suitable for twilight situations.



Mechanics / Rangefinding: * * * * *

Zeiss could not have done a better job in making this high-tech rangefinder easier to use. All it takes is the simple press of one button and in less than half a second you have the precise distance of your target.

Ergonomics: * * * * *

The Victory SF's ergonomic design makes rangefinding a breeze and does so accurately. With it's Bluetooth connection to the Zeiss Hunting App, nothing is let to chance when it comes to placing the perfect shot.

Pricing: * * *

With high-quality products comes high prices and the Victory SF is no exception. With it's $3,350.00 price tag, you could other rangefinders for cheaper that get the job done, but that price is there for a reason. There is no other rangefinder that gets the job done with such precision like the Victory SF.

Overall: * * * * 1/2

The Victory SF in any configuration will never let you down when it comes to placing that final shot. The amount of high-tech features that are made easy to use are numerous. The only reason it does not get the full five stars the hefty, but justified price tag that it comes with.


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