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Rifle Review: SAKO's TRG-22 Rifle

Sako is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality firearms that never disappoint. However, the TRG 22 not only gets the job done right it exceeds every expectation there is proving itself again and again becoming a ISSF standard competition rifle and a CISM competition winner.

The solid vault-like action is cold hammer-forged from special steel alloy allowing for a stiff and sturdy system. The TRG also comes with a new trigger mechanism for both the 22 and 42 models. This new mechanism ensures improved safety measures along with a new safety lever, which is ergonomically positioned and designed to make it faster and more convenient to use. The TRG 22 bolt handle attachment has been improved to withstand even the roughest handling. Adding to the appeal the TRG features an improved recoil pad that utilizes new material to reduce the feel of recoil, allowing for better control and recovery.

The TRG-22 is designed to meet every individual demands, and adapts to each shooter’s personal style, build and posture. The aluminium re-inforced composite stocks are designed for both right and left handed shooters. The rear stock is adjustable in height and features cheekpiece which can be adjusted laterally. The fore-stock features integral slot for fast mounting and dismounting of TRG adjustable steel bipod. But the most remarkable aspect of the TRG 22 is it's accuracy and dependability making it the choice of expert shooters seeking the ultimate performance


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