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Rifle Review: HK's MR762A1 LRP III - The Ultimate Package!

For over 70 years now, Heckler & Koch (HK) has built the hard-earned reputation of producing quality firearms with innovative designs for both military and civilian use. Having focused on the durability of their products, HK firearms are all battle tested and meant to perform at military standards before ever being adapted to the civilian market and that mentality has developed great results.

Being the direct descendant of the famous HK417, the MR762A1 delivers all the reliability, durability, ergonomic and accuracy features that the HK417 does, but in a semi-automatic package. That paired with the addition of the proper optics and accessories, which is what the Long Range Package (LRP) does, and you are ready to go out-of-the-box.


Utilizing HK's proprietary short-stroke gas piston, as compared to the direct-gas-impingement system found on lesser AR15-style rifles, the MR762A1's exhaust gasses never enter the receiver resulting in the rifle running cooler, cleaner and more reliably. Moreover, when the situation introduces dust, sand, mud, etc., the advantage of HK's closed system becomes even more pronounced as the rifle is far more protected.

This feature has been critical to the success of the current generation of HK rifles used by leading military and law enforcement customers.

Onto the barrel, the MR762A1 is outfitted with a cold hammer forged barrel made from only the highest quality cannon-grade steel which ensures consistent, exceptional accuracy especially after thousands of rounds or a high volume of rounds in a short amount of time. HK goes a few steps beyond just the material and the cold-hammer forging process to ensure performance including a taper-bore configuration, a slightly smaller diameter at the muzzle for improved accuracy and velocity.

Covering the barrel is a near 15" "Modular Rail System" handguard which allows for plenty of customization with a full-length Picatinny rail runs along the top with M-LOK accessory slots available on seven sides. Going the extra mile, it, along with the stock and pistol grip, are finished in this unique green/brown color.

The MR762A1 LRP is also outfitted with a two-stage trigger with a crisp 4.5–5.6 lbs. pull along with forward assist and ambidextrous safety selector.

Moving onto the LRP aspect of the MR762A1, a Vortex Viper PSTII 3-15×44 FFP MRAD, HK G28 adjustable cheekpiece buttstock, and LaRue Tactical BRM-S bipod are the primary add-ons. Additional accessories of the LRP variant include an ERGO Pistol Grip from Falcon Industries, the same Blue Force Gear sling used on the HK M27 IAR supplied to the USMC, and an OTIS cleaning kit. Topping it all off, the MR762A1 ships in a rugged, waterproof Desert Tan Pelican Model 1720 long rifle case.


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