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Pistol Review: Beretta's 21A Bobcat Covert - The Ultimate Pocket Piece!

When it comes to the household name of Beretta and their five hundred plus years of history in the manufacturing of firearms, nobody beats them in the firearms industry when it comes to experience.

Enter the 21A Bobcat Covert, the culmination of over a century of manufacturing pocket pistols and it does not disappoint. Coming in with an overall length of just 3.7 inches, it is a reliable plinker and a suitable companion when you have to go small.


When saying the Bobcat Covert is indeed a pocket pistol that is no exaggeration. Weighing in at a mere 11.5 ounces, you can compare the weight and length to that of a smartphone. For over three decades the Bobcat has been a top choice for those looking for an ultra-concealable companion and now with the new addition of the factory installed 1/2x28TPI threaded barrel, the Bobcat Covert adds upon that ultra-concealability with the potential for ultra silence capability.

Now when it comes to small-frame, rimfire pistols, jamming can become quite the problem. However, virtually all jamming issues are solved with Beretta’s unique open slide design which is shared by all small frame Beretta pistols. This unique feature of a tilt-up barrel that springs up by actuating a lever on the frame allows the user to load the chamber without actually having to rack the slide. Not only does it prevent stove-piping and jamming issues, it also comes in handy for those who find it difficult to rack the slide of small-frame handguns. Indeed, when it comes to pocket pistols of all varieties, racking the slide can be quite difficult and take a toll on your thumbs after a long day at the range.

For those who are concerned about safety, the Bobcat Covert has you covered more than most. It boasts several safeties including a thumb-operated lever on the frame that blocks the sear and locks the slide and a heavy DA trigger pull. When it comes to the trigger, the double action pull is quite stiff and heavy in order to act as an additional safety for the gun. However, this can be easily negated by pulling the hammer into single action and after the first shot you don’t have to worry.

Beretta has cut no corners with the Bobcat Covert ensuring it’s tremendous quality with a tough forging process for their barrels, slides cut from solid steel bar and frames made from solid aluminum forging. You won’t be finding any Chinese plastic parts in this piece. Not only that, the barrel is hand-fit at the hinge pin and underlug in order to ensure the tightest fit possible to the frame which is integral for accurate shooting.

Now when it comes to aesthetics, Beretta hit it right on the dot with the Bobcat Covert, outfitting it with a durable black oxide finish on the steel and checkered walnut grips paired with the threaded barrel. The Covert displays itself as a gentlemen's gun that could easily show up in one of the Bond movies. All in all, the 21A Bobcat Covert is durable, reliable, discreet and most importantly accurate.


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