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Somarriba Package: Walther PDP 5" + Trijicon RMR + Co-Witness Bright & Tough Sights!

Our newest edition to the Somarriba Package series, the Walther PDP paired with Trijicon's RMR and their High Co-Witness night sights! With the PDP being specifically designed to be shot with a red dot mounted, we immediately paired it with the best in the business, the Trijicon RMR! This full size package will serve as an excellent range gun for both leisure and competition as well as being an ideal home defense package!


A little on the Walther PDP, the PDP is incredibly adaptive to nearly every situation whether it be for military or civilian use. A key feature of the PDP is Walther's RDS Ergonomics which make it the ideal pistol to be efficiently shot with a red dot. The RDS Ergonomics have been engineered to allow shooters to locate the red-dot instantly in defense situations. Achieved through analyzing pinky pressure and offhand support, the grip angle is designed for a natural aiming position which allows for lightning-fast acquisition of the red-dot.

The package itself entails the PDP, RMR, High Co-Witness Bright & Tough night sights, the proper mounting system as well as decades worth of gunsmithing experience to ensure perfect installation and boresighting! This puppy is ready to be taken to the range right out-of-the-box and with some minimal tune up, you'll be having plenty of fun in no time.


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