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Shotgun Review: Caesar Guerini's Ellipse Gold Limited - Graceful Action & Streamlined Stock!

As Caesar Guerini has proven time and time again, they are one of the premiere manufacturers of fine Italian shotguns with decades of gunsmithing experience that few have. Every so often they decide to remind us of just that with the latest being with the Ellipse Gold Limited Edition!


The Ellipse Gold along with the rest of the Ellipse series is based upon Guerini’s Ellipse round body action which represents the next generation of upland game gun. This unique streamlined action is unlike most of us have ever seen. Upon mounting any Ellipse shotgun it is has if the shotgun simply glides to that perfect place in your shoulder and thus you are ready to fire at a moments notice.

This type of action provides not only an extremely clean and elegant look, but the trim profile also provides the user with a responsive, natural point of aim that makes it a world class bird gun. Combined with Guerini's reputation for excellent gunsmithing and reliability you have a shotgun worthy of being a family heirloom for decades to come. As you might expect Guerini did not stop there. Even for their standard models, the engravings are exquisite and groundbreaking in quality. The combination of decades of experience paired with cutting edge technology has truly paid off.

Now for the Ellipse Gold Limited, no corners were cut and no cost was spared. It was immediately outfitted with extra deluxe wood and finished in a hand rubbed oil finish. Now for the action, Guerini went with a case color hardened receiver with gold inlays. The result is something quite simply a functional work of art that picture do not do justice for. The blend of the browns and blues of the case hardening topped with the gold is simply remarkable.

The Ellipse Gold Limited is a limited edition run for 2021 only. A handful of these shotguns have been produced and once they have all been sold that's that!

All Caesar Guerini field guns come with a velvet lined lockable hard case and five precision patterned flush chokes (CYL, IC, M, IM, F).


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