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Shotgun Review: Benelli Montefeltro Silver - Elegant, Reliable & Lightweight!

When searching for a great overall sporting/hunting semi-auto shotgun, the dozens of choices can be overwhelming, however there is no need to look further than the Benelli Montefeltro Silver. The Montefeltro is an elegant semi-automatic shotgun that stands out for its reliability, light weight and tremendous performance in all fields.


Starting off with the heart of the Montefeltro system we have the ultra-reliable Interia Driven System that eliminates many of the significant disadvantages that come with a gas-operated system. It cycles both 2-3/4" field loads and 3" magnums interchangeably without adjustments. This system is the epitome of simplicity in elegance with just three parts, the bolt body, an inertia spring, and a rotating bolt head.

The elimination of heavy parts in the forend makes the Montefeltro extremely lightweight and is the ideal shotgun for hunters who want a shotgun that is quick to shoulder and intuitive to point. Contributing more towards the rapid target acquisition is the lightweight, low profile ventilated rib, with a red bar front sight and mid bead.

And although it is lightweight, Benelli's stock recoil technology is leagues above many comparable manufacturers which allows much of the recoil to be mitigated saving your shoulder the bruises. Another concern with the lightweight of the Montefeltro is the durability/reliability aspect, rest assured, the rotating bolt head features steel locking lugs that lock into the steel barrel extension creating a steel-to-steel lock that becomes even tighter during firing.

The Montefeltro has already proven itself to withstand not only tens, but hundreds of thousands with no failures and that is especially relevant when it comes to the high volume shooting sports that the Montefeltro would be participating in. As for the chokes, the Montefeltro utilizes Crio System barrels and choke tubes which creates an even-grained, slick surface resulting in less resistance against wads and shot for uniform shot patterns and cleaner barrels.

Having dealt with all the practicality of the Montefeltro Silver, lets dive into the classic aesthetic of it as well. It is beautifully outfitted with AA-grade, oil finished walnut stock, and topped of with an an engraved nickel-plated alloy receiver which depicts a dove scene on one end and a hunting dog on the other, all wrapped in elegant scroll engravings.


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