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Rifle Review: The Christensen Arms TFM - For Professionals That Demand The Best

Built for the professionals that demand the very best, Christensen's Tactical Force Multiplier (TFM) is the ultimate long range tactical rifle; a perfect blend of carbon fiber, high grade stainless steel and excellent workmanship!


Starting out with the barrel, it is machined from a 416R stainless steel bar before being precision drilled, button rifled, turned down to an exceptionally slim profile, and wrapped in Christensen's proprietary aerospace grade carbon fiber composite. The result, a match chamber that performs above the standards associated with a traditional barrel, without the weight of additional steel. Moreover, the barrel is free-floated to ensure superior accuracy and performance. Topping it all off, the barrel is threaded and outfitted with a Titanium Side-Baffle Brake.

Moving onto the action, we have a Model 14 action with a 20 MOA integral rail to provide additional rigidity and long range support which is machined from the same 416R stainless steel and finished with an ultra durable Black Nitride coat for an exceptionally sleek look. However, one of the TFM's flagship features comes in the form of it's ~2.25 lb trigger. Fair warning once you pull this trigger, there is no going back.

Now we arrive at the TFM's most notable feature, it's Aerograde Carbon Fiber Stock. Hand laid at Christensen's facilities, these stocks are finished with full receiver glass bedding and carbon fiber pillars. The palm hook assists a shooter in establishing a solid seat against their shoulder, while the oversized vertical grip with palm swell and specialized flat forearm help secure a stable platform that provides the support needed for long-range shots. Both the comb height and length of pull are fully adjustable with the simple rotation of a thumb wheel.

Finishing out, the TFM weighs between 7.3 and and 7.8 pounds, with barrel lengths ranging from 16 to 27 inches, and is backed by Christensen's ½ MOA guarantee. All of the components, techniques, and finishes produce a unique firearm that is truly unlike any other in the long-range rifle domain.


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