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Rifle Review: SIG Sauer's NEW Cross - Meets Demands Of Precision Long-Range Shooting!

How do we get a hunting rifle to have the quality and features of a precision rifle without allowing the weight to be a deterrent to hunters? That is the question countless firearm manufacturers have asked and finally SIG has risen to the occasion and given us an answer, the Cross!


The CROSS is SIG’s first deep dive into the hunting market and they did not miss. Designed and manufactured here in the United States, SIG has cut no corners consulting hunters, military snipers and elite long-range shooters. The CROSS rifle was created to meet the demands of both precision long-range shooting and extreme backcountry hunting and has done so beautifully.

The Cross starts off in New Hampshire has a one piece receiver which immediately eliminates the need for action screws, bedding along with all the other usual weak points that are usually associated with existing bolt-action platforms. In short, the Cross is the trailblazer to the next generation of hunting rifles.

Now the downside of your typical precision rifle is that they are just far to heavy to be used in any sort of hunting situation due to their beefy stocks, chassis-type systems, and heavy contour barrels. Usually coming out to the fifteen pound mark, these incredibly accurate rifles just are not a viable option to lug around in the field.

Enter the Cross which solved this critical weight issue through the incredibly innovative designing of a new bolt-action receiver which is built in a chassis style paired with a skeletonized and folding stock. Now you may think this will shave a few pounds and that the end of it, but you'll be surprised to hear the overall weight is now a mere six and a half pounds!

The benefits do not stop there, as mentioned earlier the Cross has been outfitted with a folding stock and when folded the overall length shrinks down to a compact twenty five inches making for an incredibly ideal back pack rifle. The buttstock is also fully adjustable, by simply activating a lever, the comb can be adjusted for the perfect height and eye relief. The length of pull can also be adjusted on the fly and the cant of the butt pad can also be adjusted vertically and horizontally to the user's exact liking.

As I said before, SIG cut no corners with the Cross outfitting it with a 2-stage match-grade trigger that can be adjusted from a 2.5- to 4-pound trigger pull and breaks crisply and with minimal creep/take-up. With the .308 variant, SIG went with a 16-inch, threaded, stainless steel barrel that also features taper lock technology that allows for the use of a suppressor without misalignment.

SIG also opted for a locking three-lug design for the bolt which is set at 60 degrees which is ideal for scope mounting on the top Picatinny rail and smoother bolt throw. The bolt handle itself was also specifically design to provide the ideal grip in both precision shooting or hunting situations.

Overall Features

  • Under 6.5 lbs, the lightest, most portable rifle in its class (up to 40% lighter)

  • Folding Precision-Style Stock

  • 1-Piece receiver for increased accuracy

  • Available in .308 / 277 SIG FURY with a 16" barrel (collapsible to 25")

  • Available in 6.5 Creedmoor with an 18" barrel (collapsible to 27")

  • Designed and built in the U.S.A


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