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Rifle Review: SAKO's 85 Finnlight II - The Perfect Choice For All Conditions!

Sako rifles are some of the most sought after sporting guns in the world and for good reason. They're accurate, dependable and an excellent companion no matter the situation. Now Sako has expanded their 85 Series with the Finnlight II which a truly exceptional rifle.


Starting off with the Finnlight's flagship feature, it's ultra-lightweight aerospace-grade RTM (Resin Transfer Molding) fiberglass stock. The RTM process is essentially a a vacuum-assisted, closed-mold process that’s optimal for products where a high strength-to-weight ratio is needed such as with rifle stocks. That's only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the stock. All Finnlight II stocks have carbon fiber bedding to ensure maximum accuracy and stability in all temperatures.

Not only that, the stock is also treated with a weather resistant Cerakote coating, further increasing the versatility of the rifle and ensuring it's reliability in all environments. Moreover, any experienced shooter knows the importance of head position when it comes to long distance accurate shooting making the integrated adjustable cheekpiece a huge upgrade from the original Finnlight. All that needs to be done is push the spring loaded button on the side and pull the cheekpiece up to the correct height.

Additionally, both the stock's wrist and the fore-end of the Finnlight II come outfitted with elastomer inlays, which gives the user a far more grippy texture to latch onto. This comes in especially handy when wet hands or hunting gloves come into the mix.

Now for the famed Sako action. A fun fact about Sako, they actually offer six different action lengths tailored to each cartridge class. This is a major upgrade compared to other action types where a long action is installed and to fire a short action cartridge, the feed system must be modified. Moreover, the entire 85 Series feature controlled cartridge feed (RCS) to eliminate double feed or cartridge jams.

Now when I stated the Finnlight II is a truly exceptional rifle, no exaggerations were made. It features Sako's set trigger which is simply breathtaking. The single stage trigger alone is worthy of praise breaking like glass at around three and a half pounds. Now what really takes your breath away is the set trigger which breaks at roughly half a pound a pound.

When it comes to Sako, they are world-renowned not just for their actions, but for their barrels as well. Each barrel starts as a blank and is drilled, honed, cold- hammer forged, finished and finally individually inspected by the gunsmith himself. The Finnlight II features a fluted barrel which is finished with a tough Cerakote for improved corrosion resistance. Another plus of this coating is that it gives the barrel a much more matte finish as opposed to a brighter bluing which is more susceptible to scratches and scaring off game with glare.

Bare, it comes in weighing less than seven pounds and will easily produce one MOA or better results at a hundred yards. All in all, the Finnlight II distinguishes itself from the rest of the 85 Series and from the industry as a whole.


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