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Rifle Review: Nosler's New Model 21 Line - A Strong, Dependable Option For All Hunters!

For decades now Nosler has been building the solid reputation of a manufacturer of premium projectiles who don't cut corners and they have applied that very same sentiment to their new rifle line, the Model 21!

In short, the Model 21 is a winner, it comes packed with hunter-oriented features ranging from a match-grade, threaded barrel which is capable of extremely precise shots, an incredibly crisp, single-stage trigger along with the tried-and-tested McMillian carbon fiber stock which is able to take the beatings of the backcountry.


At the heart of the Model 21, is a new action built in collaboration with the Mack Brothers, a duo whom dozens of precision shooters have turned to to build some of the greatest rifle actions in the industry. It started as a blueprint on advanced wire EDM equipment and the results are like that of a Swiss watch, cycling is effortless.

The one-piece bolt is manufactured with a hardened 4340 Chrome Moly steel and sports a spiral fluted design which not only looks incredibly aesthetic, but also provides a reduction in weight and helps to channel debris, preventing the bolt from jamming in environments where dirt and sand is an issue. Topping it off, the bolt is also coated with a NIB-X coating which increases the lifetime of the bolt. As for the extractor, Nosler opted for a modified M-16 style which provides for excellent extraction while using a tool-less design for disassembly and cleaning.

As for the barrel, Nosler has outfitted the Model 21 with a 24" stainless steel Shilen match-grade barrel with a perfect contour level. Not too thick to be to heavy to lug around in the backcountry and not too thin to be shaken up by the power of the round. Additionally, each barrel features a precision recessed crown with a threaded muzzle.

Another one of the Model 21's flagship features, the McMillian Hunters Edge Sporter stock. The McMillian name goes hand-in-hand with accuracy, reliability and strength. When paired with carbon fiber the result is tremendous. The Hunters Edge stock on the Model 21 is constructed of 100% carbon fiber to ensuring dependability while maintaining the lightweight that is necessary for the backcountry hunters. For additional dependability, Nosler included aluminum pillars and a 1” recoil pad that is set at a standard 13.5” LOP. Finally finished in an all-weather epoxy style paint to guard the rifle from all the elements.

Finally for my personal favorite feature, the Model 21 sports a TriggerTech Field model trigger that is externally user adjustable from 2.5-5.5lbs. Designed to operate in the harshest environments imaginable, TriggerTech triggers utilize Frictionless Release Technology and will continue to perform when other triggers fail.


Shop the new Model 21 in .300 Win Mag and .308 Win!


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