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Rifle Review: HK's 416 Rimfire - Perfect For The Range!

In our day and age where centerfire ammunition as a whole has now skyrocketed in price, the allure of sub-caliber training rifles has only increased. To fill that demand, HK has partnered with Umarex to produce a gem in the form of rimfire variant of the famed HK416!

Essentially, you are getting the exact look and feel of the legendary HK416 in the practical, low recoil and most importantly low cost .22 LR caliber.


Diving into the features, it is important to note the rimfire HK416 is a carbon copy of the HK416 in .223 in regard to look, feel and overall handling.

Starting with the receiver, both the upper and lower are made of high grade anodized aluminum. The RIS (rail interface system) handguard has a top rail aligned with the receiver rail, creating a monolithic top Picatinny rail for optics and plenty of M-Lok accessory slots. Right out of the box, the rimfire HK416 sports a set of folding sights which are comparable to Magpul's, however they are not the same copies you would expect from a centerfire HK416.

My personal favorite feature of the rimfire HK416 is the barrel which comes in 16.1" and is threaded in 1⁄2x28 and comes ready with a flash hider. When HK says there barrels are "match" graded do not mistake that for an exaggeration. All accuracy testing from within HK and from numerous third party reviewers have shown the rimfire HK416 to show exceptional accuracy for a semi-automatic .22 LR. Side note, for those looking to have some real fun, the flash hider is easily replaceable with a sound suppressor.

The rimfire HK416 does feature last round bolt hold open. A common aspect of AR-15s chambered in .22 LR is that the barrel and chamber are set back slightly decreasing the overall length by anywhere from three-quarters to one inch. As always, the stock is adjustable with six different positions allowing shooters of all sizes to shoot comfortably.

Whether your looking to use it as a sub-caliber trainer, for hunting or competition, make sure to purchase only the HK416 .22 LR authorized by HK!

  • Aluminum receivers

  • RIS–Rail Interface System M-LOK® / Mil STD. 1913

  • Retractable stock

  • Pistol Grip with storage compartment

  • Adjustable flip up sights

  • 90° manual safety

  • Functional dust cover

  • Last round bolt hold open

  • Threaded muzzle 1/2 x 28


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