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Pistol Review: Wilson Combat's SFX9 - A Great Buy For The Enthusiast Or Competitor!

The SFX9 is a top-of-the-line pistol that is built for performance, accuracy, and dependability and designed for competition shooting and self-defense. It comes as no surprise that the SFX9 is a product of the renowned Wilson Combat company, which has been producing high-quality firearms for over four decades.


The SFX9's fine-tuned trigger system is one of its most distinctive features. The trigger pull and break are smooth, consistent, and clean, enabling accurate shot placement and quick follow-up shots. The shooter has complete control over how the trigger feels because to the trigger's adjustable overtravel, pre-travel, and trigger shoe angle.

The match-grade barrel of the SFX9 is fitted with precision-machined stainless steel that has been given a unique coating to increase accuracy and longevity. Additionally, the barrel is built with a target crown and a reverse crown, which enhances accuracy by minimizing muzzle flip. The SFX9 includes a flared and lowered ejection port in addition to the a match-grade barrel, which helps to lessen brass-to-face contact and boost dependability.

The SFX9's unique slide is another standout feature. It is made of high-grade stainless steel and was given a DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) coating to increase durability and lower friction. When racking the slide, the front and back cocking serrations on the slide give you a firm hold. Moreover, it sports a recessed slide stop, which helps to prevent the slide from being accidentally released.

In terms of grip, the SFX9 is outfitted with a proprietary stippled grip that is ergonomically designed to provide a safe and comfortable hold on the handgun. Additionally, the grip has an adjustable backstrap so that the shooter can modify it to meet their hand size. The high-cut frontstrap of the SFX9 also contributes to better control and less felt recoil.

The Wilson Combat Tritium night sights are installed on the SFX9 allowing let the shooter to accurately target inpoor light. The sights are a fantastic option for self-defense and competitive shooting as they are clearly visible and easy to capture

In summary, It differs from other semi-automatic handguns available on the market thanks to characteristics like its match-grade barrel, modified slide, and custom-tuned trigger mechanism. The SFX9 is unquestionably a pistol worth taking into consideration, whether you are a competition shooter or simply a gun enthusiast searching for a high-quality handgun.


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