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Pistol Review: Nighthawk Custom's Border Special - The Ideal Combat 1911

When saying the Border Special is the ideal combat 1911, that is no joke.

Made in collaboration with legendary border patrol office Jim Wilson, the Border Special has Wilson's forty plus years of intimate knowledge of carrying a 1911 in combat situations invested in it.


Dating back to the early ‘70s, Wilson has had plenty of time and experience to formulate the perfect combat 1911 thus resulting in the creation of the Border Special. Built upon a Conceal Carry Cut, Commander Size frame, the Border special is chambered in .45 ACP and outfitted with a plethora of features optimizing it for defense.

One of the Border Special's more unique and advantageous features is it's scallop texturing on the frame and mainspring housing. It makes for minimal slippage while also being far less aggressive on the hands than your standard 1911 checkering while out on the range or at a self defense course. Going a step further, Nighthawk bobbed the housing and grip. Now there are many who at first glance will say it's purely for aesthetic purposes, but they couldn't be further from the truth. The bobbing allows the bottom of the frame to join perfectly with the midcarpal and intercarpal joints of the hand allowing the pistol to better fit your fist and actuate the magazine release with far more ease.

The Border Special's slide features your standard rear cocking serrations with the top also being serrated for improved sight acquisition and reduced glare. At the front you have a dovetailed, matte black sight fitted with a 2mm gold bead compared to the back where you have Heine's Black Slant Pro. Together they make for an excellent combination.

Onto one of my favorite features of all Nighthawk pistols, the trigger. Using their proprietary design, the trigger breaks consistently like glass at ~3.5 pounds with incredibly little take-up and zero creep or overtravel.

It is important to note that the Border Special, like any other Nighthawk, is not your standard 1911. Made by hand with an impeccable discipline for perfection, this is a gun to be passed down through generations. "Whether you’re protecting the border or protecting your home, you can bet your hide this pistol will get the job done." - Nighthawk Custom


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