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Pistol Review: Dan Wesson's Razorback - A Beacon Of Craftsmanship & Power!

In the vast ocean of firearms, the Dan Wesson 1911 Razorback in 10mm stands tall as a beacon of craftsmanship and power. The Razorback exudes an irresistible charm that’s characteristic of the 1911 lineage, coupled with the impressive prowess of the 10mm round.


The 1911 Razorback is aptly named after the feral and ferocious wild boars known for their toughness. This is a fitting moniker as the Razorback is as robust as it gets, combining strength with the elegance that Dan Wesson is renowned for.

The Razorback is carefully forged from stainless steel, lending the gun a substantial, weighty feel that guarantees that durability and robustness everyone loves. This single-action semi-automatic pistol features a 5-inch barrel that beautifully balances the aesthetics and practicality of this firearm.

One of the defining features of this Razorback model is its chambering in the potent 10mm round. A step above the .45 ACP usually associated with 1911s, the 10mm is a powerful round that provides improved ballistics and extended range. It is particularly well suited for a sidearm while hunting medium- to big-sized game, adding a further dimension of versatility to this model.

The 1911 Razorback exhibits a stunning attention to detail, with a brushed stainless finish that adds a sleek, polished touch. The serrations at the rear of the slide are sharp, offering improved grip and handling. The trigger, a vital component of any firearm, is a classic 1911 long style, adjustable for overtravel.

But it's not all about the looks. The Razorback is also a solid performer. Its tight-fitting parts contribute to its remarkable accuracy. The low-profile sights with a Tritium front sight allow for precision targeting in low light conditions. Another notable feature of the Razorback is the comfortable and secure grip it offers. The double diamond Cocobolo grip adds a hint of elegance, but more importantly, it fits snugly in the hand, making prolonged usage less fatiguing.

The 1911 Razorback in 10mm is not just a firearm; it is a testament to the mastery and precision of Dan Wesson. It beautifully melds power, design, and functionality into a single, impressive package. It brings a lot to the table for a broad spectrum of users, from hunters to sports shooters and 1911 enthusiasts.

In conclusion, the Dan Wesson Razorback is a piece of fine engineering that has a robust build, superior performance, and a sophisticated look. With its potent 10mm chambering, it ensures that every trigger pull delivers a powerful, satisfying recoil, offering an experience that leaves a lasting impression. It is indeed, a wild boar in the world of firearms: tough, powerful, and relentless.


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