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Pistol Review: CZ's P09 - CZ’s First Full-Size Polymer Pistol

Based of the infamous CZ 75 and built for duty, CZ has modernized their lineup, ditching the metal frame in favor of a polymer one resulting in the P09. The new addition of a polymer pistol lineup has brought CZ into the modern era while also pulling double duty in delivering more rounds then nearly all other standard pistols.


Boasting an impressive 19+1 capacity on its flush-fitting magazine, the P09 is packed with some of CZ's best features and design. Most notably, we have the incredibly versatile Omega trigger system which allows the factory installed decocker to be easily converted into a manual safety. Moreover, it's DA/SA trigger provides crisp single action trigger break, while providing the safety of a DA first-pull option.

Being the duty gun that it is, CZ cut no corners with the ergonomics of the grip, balance and feel. With tactile non-abrasive checkering ensuring a solid grip no matter the situation and incredible balance, the P09 is a blessing to shoot. Moreover, CZ added a nice touch with the serrations on the frame allowing your index finger and your thumb (depending on your grip) to get a stronger grip. Putting it all together, when bringing it up from a holster or chest holster position the sights naturally and immediately lineup with your line of sight making for truly excellent shooting.

It is important to note that as it is with all CZ's the slide is fitted into the frame which is what allows for CZ's famous accuracy and precision. In fact, more competition shooter use CZ than any other manufacturer in the world for that reason.

Now for those with smaller hands, fret not, small, medium and large backstraps are included to allow the that allow the user to customize the pistol’s grip to their hand to retain that natural point of aim that CZ handguns are known for. Topping it all of we have an integrated 1913 Picatinny rail, the P-09 is readily adaptable to low-light situations.


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