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IN STOCK: Korth's Vintage - Going Above & Beyond!

When you are the best in the world at what you do, many may say the only way to go from there is down, but Korth begs to differ. Having developed a ball bearing system for revolvers that elevates the functionality to such a high level, they have continued to soar above and beyond, and that is exactly what Korth has done with the Vintage.


Just to go over the basics of the functionality before diving into the outstanding aesthetics of the Vintage, like all other Korth revolvers, the Vintage is based on Korth's proprietary ball bearing system. Put simply, while double action firing, there is ZERO take-up, grittiness, or pull-back of any kind. This level of smoothness is truly unparalleled.

Now specifically for the Vintage, it has been outfitted with an incredible color-case hardened frame and barrel that changes color beautifully when the light hits it, an already gorgeous firearm is further enhanced. The cylinder has been charcoal blued to offer a great contrast.

Every elements, including the trigger and hammer, have been well polished. A 14k gold bead front sight and a fully adjustable rear sight combine to provide exceptional target acquisition and beauty. This exceptional revolver sports grips made of Turkish Walnut that have been intricately carved, giving it a classy appearance and great feel. A Korth Gold Medallion makes the ideal finishing touch.



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