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IN STOCK: Korth's Classic - A Revolver To Be Passed Down For Generations!

The Korth Classic is a truly rare revolver that is truly a thing of dreams.

Hand built by only the finest gunsmiths in Germany, the Classic is a revolver that calls back to the days where firearms were functional works of art.


The frame and all parts are fully machined and handcrafted from the finest billet steel available. What immediately catches the eye with the Classic is the fully custom, high polished Black DLC Gloss Finish that is simply mesmerizing. The trigger face, along with all the other controls, are also high polished and coated in a Gold TiN.

As for the functionality, the Classic is outfitted with the smooth action of Korth’s patented roller bearing trigger system which is undoubtedly the best revolver trigger system in the world. After shooting any Korth, even the most experienced revolver shooter is left with the lasting perfection of the Korth system.


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