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IN STOCK: Blaser's R8 Professional - Somarriba's #1 Hunting Rifle!

With over twenty years of experience in the firearms and hunting business, we have come to know a thing or two of what making a truly excellent hunting rifle at Somarriba. Without a doubt, the Blaser R8 is the epitome of what a hunting rifle should be. It guarantees spot-on performance no matter the situation while also ensuring quick shots, versatility, reliability and durability.


Jumping right into the specifics, the R8 is based upon a proprietary modular system which is incredibly simple which allows for easy take-down, cleaning, and increases overall reliability. The first thing you notice about the R8 is that is operates on a a straight-pull bolt action, which in our experience and the experience of hundreds of our clients, is superior to the standard bolt action. It allows for smooth and rapid shots which is of extreme importance especially while in the field with moving targets.

When it comes to both precision and durability, Blaser cuts no corners. The R8 is outfitted with hammer-forged barrels and actions to ensure that the chamber dimensions and alignment with the bore are perfect every time, boosting accuracy monumentally.

An incredibly attractive feature of the R8 is it's ability to quickly change calibers while using the same stock. With the R8 being on the pricey side, you can easily opt to purchasing one stock and several barrels and bolt heads allowing the user to utilize several calibers in the same setup. Moreover, when exchanging barrels, should you have a scope mounted it maintains it's zero and due to the large-scale bedding the R8 sports, it guarantees repeatable accuracy even when exchanging barrels.

Another appealing feature of the R8, it's trigger. Featuring Blaser's precision trigger you can expect short travel length and crisp breaks, but what differentiates this trigger from all others is it's desmodromic trigger mechanism which ensures your trigger will function even when iced or heavily soiled.

Now jumping into the hunting experience with the R8. In many occasions you may find yourself in extreme weather with many of our clients having horror stories of how their stock completely deforms putting a stop to their day if not their entire hunting trip. That is not the case with the R8. With years of German engineering behind it, Blaser ensures any stock deformations whether it be from weather, breaks or carelessness can never affect the position of the barrel.

As gunsmithes and hunting outfitters we have range-tested the R8 countless times for clients and over many years the results have been consistent with less than 3/4" groups at a hundred yards. When it comes to taking that perfect shot you rest assured that the R8 leaves nothing to chance.


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