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BACK IN-STOCK: Walther's PPQ M2 - The #1 Choice In Price For Quality

When it comes to the striker fired platform, no one in the industry has matched Walther's PPQ M2 in price for quality.

It has been one of our bestseller all year among everyone from first time gun owners to the experienced firearm aficionado with it's phenomenal trigger, tactile grip, easy takedown and amazing price!


Straight out of the box, the PPQ is ready to shoot. It has proven itself as an incredibly versatile pistol with it's size and capacity making it an excellent option for concealed carry, home defense, duty use, recreational, or competition shooting.

The flagship feature of the PPQ is its internationally-acclaimed quick-defense trigger, which has earned it's title as the best striker-fired trigger. It is not only the trigger pull that is phenomenal, but it's incredibly short reset that allows for quick and easy follow up shots.


  • Caliber: 9mm

  • Barrel Length: 4"

  • Trigger Pull: ~5.5lbs

  • Trigger Travel: 0.4"

  • Capacity: 15 RDS

  • Overall Length: 7.1"

  • Height: 5.3"

  • Width: 1.3"

  • Weight Empty: 24.5 oz


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