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NEW IN-STOCK: Korth's Infamous Super Sport ULX

The Super Sport: it's the ultimate in precision shooting when it comes to revolvers. It never disappoints, always delivers spot-on performance, and can be employed in any sort of competitive shooting.

The Ultra Light (ULX) model, however, takes the Super Sport to all new heights.


As a response to customer demands for a lightweight Super Sport model, Korth developed this ULX model using highly durable T6 aluminum and skeletonized the barrel shroud area to maximize weight savings. As a result, the ULX sheds nearly a pound weighing at 2.72 lbs., a significant improvement to the standard Super Sport.

Another unique mark of the ULX model is it's eye-catching red coating. The rail section and other parts have been anodized red, not only for the aesthetic appeal, but also for increased durability.

Like the standard Super Sport and the Super Sport STX, the tested and proven design/engineering of the internals have been maintained. That extends to it's truly exceptional roller bearing trigger system that shooters love, a Lothar Walther cold-forged polygon barrel that maximizes accuracy and a front sight that can be pre-set at four different heights for quick aiming and ease of switching between distances in competition.

Finally, like other Korth Revolvers, the ULX is available with an optional fitted and tuned 9mm cylinder that allows the shooter to switch between .357 Magnum/.38 Special to an alternate 9mm cylinder without any tools in a matter of seconds.


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