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IN STOCK: Nighthawk's ENTIRE Tactical Ready Series + MORE!

Late last month Nighthawk Custom released their all new Tactical Ready Series (TRS), starting off with the TRS Commander and TRS Comp.

As premium dealers with Nighthawk Custom, we have received both of the proprietary double-stack 1911's available for purchase here on our website. Browse our collection of Nighthawk's finest 1911's and Korth's best revolvers!


The TRS Comp is Nighthawk Custom’s first model constructed around a double stack frame, designed to answer the demand for high-capacity pistols. While it does provide 17+1 capacity, the TRS Comp offers far more than that. The model features an integrated compensator along with a full-length dust cover making muzzle flip virtually nothing.

With 17+1 capacity in a commander frame, along with Nighthawk Custom’s legendary accuracy and reliability, the TRS Commander presents itself as the ultimate in concealed carry pistols. A match grade 4.25” stainless barrel is housed in a commander frame and monolithic slide. The full-length dust cover provides added weight to the front of the pistol, helping reduce muzzle flip when firing.

The latest addition to Nighthawk's Boardroom Series is the Vice President. As with the Chairman and President before it, the Vice President comes chambered in 9mm but with a smaller commander frame and slide. The heavy angle cuts in the slide aid in faster cycling for competitive shooters while windows show off the Gold Titanium Nitride crowned barrel.


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