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Pistol Review: CZ’s Compact SDP - Exclusive From The Custom Shop

Beginning with CZ’s iconic P-01, world-renowned Angus Hobdell and his crew transform the already exceptional S-01 into the even more extraordinary Compact SDP.

The Compact SDP was discontinued in 2018, but as premium dealers with CZ-USA, we have the SDP back in-stock, shipped exclusively from CZ’s Custom Shop.


Hobdell and his crew began by installing a competition hammer modified to work with their decocker mechanism. Further customization to the mechanics of the SDP include, a solid firing pin stop and trigger pin, polishing/smoothing of the firing pin block, extended firing pin and a stainless steel guide rod.

Riding atop the slide are custom tritium sights with a Heinie Slant Pro in rear for low drag.

Continuing onto the trigger, Hodell tunes the SA (Single Action) to a crisp 3.5-4 lbs and the DA (Double Action) to 8.5-9 lbs. The result is phenomenal, the DA trigger is incredibly smooth and rolls like a dream with zero creep or overtravel.

After all the customization and optimization, the grip and handling are outstanding. The SDP grip fits your hand in an incredibly smooth fashion while still allowing for a secure firing grip. In regard to the handling, Hobdell fine-tuned the SDP in such a fashion that it’s light and heavy in all the right places resulting in an incredibly well-balanced pistol.


  • CZC Low mount Tritium Rear Sight

  • Tritium Front Sight

  • Aluminum Compact Grips Black

  • Blue Hex Grip Screws

  • Custom SA DA Decoker Hammer.

  • CZC 85 Trigger

  • Solid Firing Pin Stop

  • Solid Trigger Pin

  • CZC Extended Firing Pin

  • Stainless Steel Guide Rod


Browse our extensive collection of CZ Custom firearms, including a limited-number of the Compact SDP!

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