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Blaser R8 Ultimate Experience

Blaser R8 Ultimate Experience-- COMING SOON

The latest addition to the Blaser R8 line is available in two options: R8 Ultimate and R8 Ultimate Leather. Both feature an ergonomic synthetic thumbhole stock that ensures a comfortable, relaxed shooting position and optimal control of the rifle when firing.

Additional Options:

Adjustable Comb: The intuitively operated, multi-level adjustable comb ensures perfect mounting.

Recoil Absorption System: The easily inserted recoil pad with a recoil absorption system makes for a pleasant shooting experience, even with larger calibers. The internal absorption elements are available in different hardnesses and can greatly reduce muzzle rise while shooting.

Adjustable Recoil Pad: The adjustable length, height, and pitch of the recoil pad allow for quick and easy adjustment for different shooters.


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