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Rifle Review: Rigby's Big Game Mauser

More than a century ago, Mauser manufactured barreled bolt-actions for John Rigby & Co., and shipped them to London, where they were assembled, finished and proofed by Rigby craftsmen.

Fast forward to the modern day era, Rigby has resumed their arrangement with Mauser for their new line of Big Game rifles. The result are inspirational rifles for use around the world.


From their plant in Isny, Mauser ships their iconic original Magnum bolt action to Rigby. It is then assembled into superb hand-finished rifles by master craftsmen at the Rigby workshop in London.

Like the originals, these rifles carry London proof marks. Many aspects of the original Mauser rifle, including the much admired and copied extractor and the three-position flag safety, have been retained.

These outstanding rifles are not simply Mauser M98's branded as Rigby's. They are incorporated with numerous classic Rigby design features including:

  • Robust ergonomic stock shape with a higher comb for better fit and absorption of recoil

  • Plasma nitride finish on all exposed metal surfaces for a tough but attractive anti-glare and rust-resistant coating

  • Rigby express sights with a single fixed V and two folding leaves dovetailed into the quarter-rib

  • Sighted for 65, 150 and 250 yards

  • Original pattern engraving,

  • Case-hardened recoil bars

  • Heat-blued extractor

All together, these features represent exceptional value and are a benchmark in modern sporting firearms manufacturing.



Don't miss our 2019 Rigby Event. On September 7th, do not miss your chance to experience what Rigby has to offer.

Our expert team and Rigby representative will be showcasing all of Rigby's most popular models. On September 6th, we will be offering one-on-one appointments with our Rigby Rep., Gary Duffey, for those looking to discuss custom orders, one-of-a-kind rifle, and more.



Browse our Rigby collection, including the Big Game model in .375 H&H!

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