Shotgun Review: Beretta's 486 Parallelo

July 19, 2019

Beretta’s 486 Parallelo is a classic, sleek looking side-by-side shotgun with beautifully engraved floral patterns on the coin-finished receiver. Close examination has revealed excellent fit and finish throughout the shotgun.


Keeping the classic feel and look of the traditional side-by-side, Beretta engineers have utilized modern manufacturing techniques to redesign the the action, springs and trigger-group ensuring reliability, durability, and accuracy.


The 486 Parallelo is the perfect shotgun for the gentleman or lady hunter.






No matter how aesthetically appealing a shotgun is, it really comes down to how it shoots and hold up. Keeping this in mind, Beretta engineers incorporated several hi-tech features insuring the best performance possible.



  • New leaf springs in the action allow for faster and more precise firing pin engagement

  • Proprietary new trigger guard keeps all the moving parts captive making maintenance a breeze

  • The cold-hammer forged OptimaChoke barrels are built to take every type of shell from target to high-performance.

  • Triblock barrel technology makes the barrel unit stronger while eliminating visible welding lines.  


Tipping the scales at just a touch over 7 lbs, the 486 mounts up to the shoulder naturally and instinctively. Along with a low-profile action, the wide plane of the side-by-side barrels will naturally guide the eye to the target.



Browse our extensive collection of Beretta accessories and firearms including the 486 Parallelo.




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