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Rifle Review: The Blaser K95

Blaser has continuously presented some of the best rifles in the industry, allowing for complete reliability and accuracy while granting us truly beautiful engravings that melt any hunters heart.

The K95's allow for easy maneuverability that is ideal for strenuous stalking in alpine locations or the Highlands, thanks to being light and highly portable.


Blaser's engineers considered each and every single aspect of the K95 while designing it to make it the optimal rifle while hunting in mountainous regions.

Hunting Features:

  • The K95 is stripped down and reassembled in a matter of seconds without the slightest change in point of impact.

  • Highly precise in a compact, lightweight form

  • Quick target acquisition due to well-balance weight distribution and compact construction

Accuracy Features:

  • Blaser's precision trigger features little-to-no creep or over-travel

  • Perfectly concentric, forged barrel and chamber

Mechanical Features:

  • Manual cocking system; the K95 is cocked the very moment before shooting by simply pulling back on the cocking lever

  • Automatic decocking

  • All metal parts are rustproof or protected by special finishes for durability

Many hunters are surprised by how the K95's recoil is remarkably mild while being incredibly light and accurate. Also, the easy stripping the K95 works in favor of the hunter when it comes to storage, cleaning and transportation.

Additionally, strenuous stalking might include some climbing and with the K95 that poses no problem, you can easily disassemble it and carry it in a sack or backpack to keep your hands free. It also allows for easy assembly for when the quarry might present itself. Overall, the K95 is the epitome of a gentleman’s rifle, and is a lethal, light stalking rifle that will not fatigue any type of shooter, however rigorous the terrain.


Please rely on our professional advice for creating the perfect setup for your next hunt. We provide complete gunsmithing services including, professional scope installation and sight in services.




At Somarriba, Inc. we are proud to say that we are premium dealers with Blaser and have an extensive inventory of many exclusive Blaser rifles at our shop and online including the K95 Baronesse Stutzen and the K95 Luxus.

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