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Pistol Review: The CZ 75 TS Czechmate

CZ has continually delivered some of the best competition pistols in the world year after year and one of their newest and best is the Czechmate. Listed in our shop at $2,985, you are getting your money's worth and far more. The competition features of this pistol are numerous and together the results are phenomenal.


In the competition pistol field, the Czechmate is about as serious as you can go with an out-of-the-box competition gun. There are very few manufacturers that offer pistols that even come near to the level of how the Czechmate performs and there's no beating CZ's price while matching performance.

The design of the Czechmate is incredibly ergonomic and versatile, coming with several configurations for competition shooting. You have the standard and compensated barrel options allowing for an array of competition shooting.

It is a incredible accurate and adaptable gun that makes for a superb competition pistol.


The Czechmate is based on a modified version of the CZ 75 TS frame. It comes already configured for Open division competition with a compensator and C-More red dot sight options. The included front sight adapter replaces the compensator, and the included rear sight replaces the slide racker handle when switching from Open to Limited configuration.

The grip is incredibly comfortable and provides a stable tactile grip while shooting. The magazine release is large and easy to operate is paired with a large magazine well making reloading is a breeze. Both the magazine release and safety can be converted to operate from the right side of the gun.

The trigger is absolutely phenomenal, it shoots like it's already had a trigger job right out-of-the-box. CZ chose to outfit the Czechmate with a flat-trigger with a slight upturn at the very bottom helping the shooter find the same position on the trigger every time.

The C-More sight and mount attaches to the frame with three conical flat head screws. With a little adjustment the red dot is spot-on every time.

Included with the Czechmate are:

  • C-more slide-ride non-click 6 MOA dot w/ mount

  • Ambidextrous slide racker

  • 3 20-round magazines

  • 1 26-round magazine

  • 4 port compensated barrel

  • Aluminum grips

  • Aluminum magwell

  • Competition hammer

  • 2 slide stops with slide lock

  • 4 slide stop pins without slide lock

  • Undercut trigger guard and beavertail for high grip


As CZ premium dealers we house a significant assortment of CZ firearms online and in-house, including the Czechmate along with several more of CZ's competition pistols.

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